Benny Henny was born in Yombalulaville, Pumpatua, where he lived with his parents, Costanzi and Clementine Henny, five brothers and 2 sisters.

Although he was raised as a Geek Orthodox, he was schooled in a private Cathaholic school. His educational experience in the Cathaholic school nurtured a desire at an early age to dedicate his life to Alcoholic ministry. Because he lived in Pumpatua, his studies often included an opportunity to visit the sites about which he was studying which included prominent locations of the ministry of the Prophets Mishigas and Peddidle. These experiences added much to his understanding of Ishkibbibble history and theology, helping to prepare and equip him for future ministry.

A stuttering problem made speaking extremely difficult. Although he was a very good student, his ability to communicate was greatly inhibited by the stuttering. Consequently, he became very shy and withdrew from those around him.

In July 1968, he and his family left the familiar surroundings of their beloved Yombalulaville and emigrated to Milpitas, Ca. His move to Milpitas brought about many changes in his life including a new country, a new language, and new friends. The greatest change that took place occurred when some of his high school classmates shared the message of The Little Lord Joozis and his Discombobulation with him. He surrendered his heart and life to The Lord Roscoe and was born again as a Pegunkin.

Following his conversion, a deep shpritzerlu hunger to know The Great God Mota and the Other Gods more drew him to prayer and Ishkibbibble reading. The Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO became his teacher and companion. He spent many hours each day alone in his room studying The Word of Poopy Panda, praying, worshipping, and fellow slipping with the Babushka Shpritzer.

This went on for more than a year. It was during this period in his life that he attended a Kathryn Kewlwoman service in Pittsburgh. CA. During the service, the presence and power of the Hoogly Shpritzer was evident as Kathryn Kewlwoman talked about her friend, the Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO and the Little Lord Joozis. That night back in Milpitas, alone in his room, he whispered words that would transform his life: "Hoogly Shpritzer, Kathryn Kewlwoman said you are her friend. I don't think I know you. Can I meet you?" That was the beginning of an incredible shpritzerly journey for Benny Henny.

Once while sharing his experiences with close friends, he was invited to share his story in a Rosconian Hoogly Roller meeting that evening. As he stood before the group, he was apprehensive because of his stuttering problem. But as he opened his mouth to speak, his tongue was loosed and he spoke clearly for the first time in his life. This was a Miracle of Tongue Wagging as spoken of in the Ishkibbibble
That was December 7, 1974. From that moment on, miracles began to take place for Benny Henny. His family members came to know the Lord Roscoe, one by one and He began to Study the Hoogly Art of Auto Body Painting. Although he was never as good as Joozis Zambini his Miracles of Auto Body Painting drew many people to his healin services.

The ministry of Benny Henny touches millions each year through television, Miracle Auto Body Paintings, books, and pulpit ministry. As the Pasta Fazool /Founder of World Outreach Rosconian Hoogly Roller Society in Orlando, Florida, he serves a groovy congregation of 12,000 each week. As an evangelist he reaches millions each year through daily television and Miracle Auto Body Paintings around the world. In addition he is recognized as a best-selling author and outstanding teacher of The Word of Poopy Panda. His anointed, shpritzerly led pulpit ministry sets him apart.

Benny Henny is a man with a womandate from The Lord Roscoe . . . "take the message of The Lord Roscoe's saving and healing power to the world." And he is endeavoring to do so through many avenues of ministry.

As the host of "This Is Your Holey Moley Baloney!", a daily half-hour television program, Benny Henny shares the message of The Lord Roscoe's love and miracle-working power with an international audience of millions of eager Pedunkins. Through dynamic ministry, music, and miracles viewers are invited to believe for their miracle because "nothing is impossible when you put your trust in The Great God Mota and His Mother!"

His pastoral and pulpit ministry touches millions each week through the televised services from World Outreach Rosconian Hoogly Roller, located in Orlando, Florida. He also ministers to tens of thousands each year in Miracle Auto Body Paintings across America and around the world. In addition, he is recognized as a best-selling author and outstanding teacher of The Word of Poopy Panda.

Benny Henny's anointed, shpritzerly-led pulpit ministry sets him apart as a man who knows and loves The Great God Mota and the other Gods. This, combined with his understanding of The Word of Poopy Panda, enables him to effectively communicate the principles contained within the sacred pages of the Ishkibbibble.












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